Holland & Barrett


26 March 2024 

Holland & Barrett has been recognised as an 'Includability Committed Employer', reflecting its commitment to support inclusivity of its colleagues throughout all areas of the business.

This important recognition follows a five-stage verification process from Includability, ‘The Home of Inclusive Organisations’. It demonstrates H&B’s commitment to drive inclusivity across many areas that impact colleague experience, including wellbeing, recruitment, sustainability, and Colleague Networks across diverse groups.

Melissa Sterling, Wellness & Belonging Manager at H&B shared: “Holland & Barrett’s purpose is to make wellness a way of life for everyone, adding quality years to life. This starts with our colleagues and how we make sure no one is left behind. We want our workplace to be welcoming to everyone, a place to thrive personally and professionally. This recognition is a great moment – and signal we’re continuing to grow in the right direction.”

H&B has focused on inclusivity through its commitment to eliminating unconscious bias in its recruitment process. It has introduced a ‘blind recruitment tool’ to its hiring process for store colleagues, which shortlists candidates based on attributes and removed personal detail such as age, gender, name and address and more.

Colleague networks, in particular diverse community groups including Wellbeing, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity Disability, Race Ethnicity Belief and our Parent and Carers network have also continued to introduce positive initiatives at H&B, including portable neck fans for peri and menopausal colleagues, wellness and nursing parent rooms built in its Head Office in Nuneaton, and a new improved prayer room.

This year, H&B has also launched a ManBassador Programme, which is an extension of its existing Mental Health First Aider Programme. A select number of male colleagues across H&B have been trained in men’s mental and physical health with our partners Our Minds Work and Man Health.

Includability is an open network that brings together a global community of businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to creating an inclusive and amazing workplace culture.

Dave Holby-Wolinski, CEO at Includability said, “We are so pleased to welcome Holland & Barrett to our community as an Includability Committed Employer. Gaining the status is a fantastic achievement and I am so pleased the team have worked so closely with our verification partners to commit to greater transparency to create an inclusive, sustainable, and mentally healthy workplace culture together!

“This status is more than just a recognition; it's an opportunity to attract the most talented and diverse workforce, to foster innovation through varied perspectives, and to create a workplace where every individual feels valued and empowered. It's about being on the forefront of positive change, responding to evolving societal expectations, and ultimately, ensuring your company's long-term success while making a real difference in the world!”

Includability assess businesses using external experts to discuss and review existing progress and expected plans for the future across various inclusive spaces. The process includes interviews with the following partners:

·         D&I verification by ODiSEE

·         Talent Management by Talent Mapper

·         Sustainability by Prosperah

·         Wellbeing by Outliers Wellbeing

·         Mental Health by the Mental Health Charter

·         Leadership and Governance by The HR Agency