Holland & Barrett


General Information

Holland & Barrett is the specialist in natural health & care. We have been active in the European market for more than 150 years and can proudly call ourselves the largest and oldest health retailer in Europe.
With more than 1,600 stores around the world, Holland & Barrett is one of the world's leading nutritional supplement, natural beauty and health food retailers.
You will find our stores from the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Ireland to Spain, China, Saudi Arabia and India. In the Netherlands we currently have 200 stores and 30 stores in Belgium, but we continue to grow - both with physical stores and online.

The ambition to make Holland & Barrett a place where everyone can go for vitamins, minerals and other health products has led to a rapid international expansion of our originally British company.Since the acquisition of health chain De Tuinen in 2003, Holland & Barrett has been active in the Dutch market. This acquisition has not only ensured that the range of nutritional supplements and sports products has expanded considerably but has also led to a more sustainable store concept.What has remained unchanged is the starting point that all our products find their basis in nature and our attention to personal and expert advice.

Live through nature

At Holland & Barrett Benelux, we believe in the power of nature. That is why most of our products are developed based on natural ingredients that can take care of us from the inside and the outside. This is how we help you to feel healthy on the inside and radiant on the outside.The natural ingredients that we use in our products all have their own unique characteristics and effects. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge about these ingredients and are happy to share this with our customers. To emphasize our brand promise, H&B Benelux launched a new omni-channel campaign in 2023: “Live through the power of nature”.

Both in our stores and online you can get complete, expert and personal advice. All of our employees receive internal training which ensures that they are always aware of the latest developments and trends in the field of natural health, care and nutrition. 

In 2022 H&B Benelux launched seven Health & Happiness studio’s to provide our customers with professional and personal consultations for their general health and skincare. These consultations are also offered online by our customer happiness team.

In 2023 a Health & Happiness training was developed which provides our coaches with a certification. We also started a collaboration with Mijnlabtest and developed our own testing kits to enable our customers to have deeper insight in their personal health and wellbeing.

Our sustainable ambition

We are constantly looking for innovative, high-quality products that can maintain our health naturally and contribute to a better world. For example, we are very proud of our ever-expanding range of clean & solid beauty products, and we also choose the best from nature for our skincare products from De Tuinen. The entire line is produced locally in the Netherlands and the packaging is not only 100% recyclable, but also made from recycled plastic (rPET). In 2023 we have also replaced the packaging of all our private label supplements to 100% recyclable and recycled plastic (rPET).We are making our range more sustainable step by step. Together with our suppliers, we aim to make it even easier for our customers to make sustainable and healthy choices.

Working at H&B Benelux

In the Benelux we are always looking for health and wellness enthusiasts to join our corporate office, distribution center and store teams. We take care of our employees and each other by enabling a culture in which personal development, team building and a healthy lifestyle are key pillars.