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Holland & Barrett to change Manchester Store sign to 'Haaland & Barrett', honouring footballer 

17 May 2023

The UK’s leading wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett is considering changing its Manchester Market Street store sign to ‘Haaland & Barrett’ in honour of Manchester City player, Erling Haaland, after a suggestion from colleagues.

The lobby comes as the goal scoring ace is set to play in the much anticipated second leg of the Champions League Semi-Final with Real Madrid this evening.

Holland & Barrett Market Street Store Manager, Mark Madders, says, “Our colleagues are very excited ahead of tonight’s match and we want to honour Erling’s amazing record by changing our Market Street store name. We’ve even gone as far as mocking up what our new sign could look like”.

Holland & Barrett Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Houghton, says, “We love our Manchester colleague’s passion for football – be it Red or Blue– so I’ll make a promise, if our social post gets 1 million likes (or Haaland scores the winning goal) we’ll temporarily change the sign…”

Not only is Erling Haaland a footballing legend, he’s also recently disclosed a cutting-edge diet and wellness routine, which includes circadian sleeping, ample sunlight ice baths and a 6,000-calorie diet.

Holland & Barrett is helping football fans live like the Norwegian superstar, with expert top tips recreating Erling Haaland’s epic wellness routine in 4 easy-to- follow steps.

Alex Glover, H&B Senior Nutritionist said: “Great wellness routines aren’t just reserved for Premier League superstars – by following these four wellness tips inspired by Haaland, you too can live like a champion. From increasing your protein intake to ensuring a better night’s sleep, get all the benefits of a footballer’s routine for less at H&B”.